Parent Involvement Makes a Difference | Georgia Parent Leadership Award

Excerpt from the Georgia Department of Education | 2015 GA Parent Leadership Award

Every morning, like clockwork, one can be sure to find Tyesha Whitely in the front hall of Shuman Elementary School. Whether she is inviting parents to the Parent Center or simply welcoming them into the school, Tyesha’s giving and selfless nature is evident by her dedication to the school.

As chair of the school council, Tyesha not only participates in all aspects of decision making regarding programs, fund raisers, and student activities, but she also empowers other parents to do so as well. An effective communicator, Tyesha serves as PTA Treasurer and goes above and beyond to support and educate her fellow parents. Whether she is creating flyers to inform parents of school and community events, encouraging them to attend Parent University, or bringing parents into the school decision making processes – Shuman’s parents can always depend on Tyesha’s help and support.

One of her biggest contributions to Shuman has been organizing a “Uniform Swap”. To help with the cost of school uniforms, parents were able to swap their children’s uniforms when they no longer fit. Moreover, she personally reached out to a local department store that sent volunteers for the swap shop as well as made a donation to Shuman’s PTA. Tyesha also works with community volunteers on the weekends to help students plant, organize, harvest, and prepare foods grown in the school garden. This past year, Tyesha also reached out to several local businesses to sponsor Shuman’s first Fall Festival, which served as an excellent catalyst to encourage more parents to participate in school activities. Additionally, she also took it upon herself to write and apply for a sizable grant that helped buy books and materials to support the school’s reading program.

Tyesha’s willingness to constantly support staff, parents, and students makes her a true asset to her school and community. With Tyesha’s help, Shuman will continue to reach greater heights!

Read the full booklet from the GA Department of Education here.